Jump on the accelerated Italian train

This curriculum is designed to be fast, furious and essential 

Intensive and survival courses - Collina Italiana

When you need Italian,
and you need it now

We know how it goes: you have a big trip or event coming up and you need some baseline understanding of the language. You tried apps, but they aren’t doing the job. What you need is an expert to help you learn quickly—with the tried and true Collina Italian Method.

Learning a language and understanding a culture is normally a marathon, not a sprint. But life isn’t always normal. 

So, for those who need to rapidly immerse themselves in our beautiful language, we’ve got you covered.

- Survival Kit -

This course addresses a traveler’s need for basic conversation skills in Italian before taking off from the airport. Learn how to introduce yourself and others in Italian, ask for directions and information, reserve a hotel room, make a dinner reservation, order in a restaurant or bar, shop, visit museums, and so much more.

Our Survival Kit includes 4, 90-minute classes.

- Intensive Classes -

We designed this class for students who have very little to no knowledge of the Italian language and would like to learn basic Italian grammar and conversation. This course provides students with the necessary tools to interact effectively in everyday Italian.

Our 3-week Intensive Course meets two times a week, for 2 hours.

Flexible, weekly camp
Minimum: 2 days/week
June 10th – August 23rd
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Online and in-person classes for adults!
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