Summer Group Courses – Adagio A2

Our summer review and conversation courses give students the chance to practice and use the grammar they have studied until now.

Courses will focus on conversation, vocabulary, reading, listening and so much more — the essentials! And will get students prepped and ready for the next level in the Fall!

We believe in practice, practice, practice! Reviewing your knowledge of the Italian language is the best way to make sure your foundation is strong. It’s an opportunity to do exercises that you usually don’t have the time to do in a regular course and improve your conversation skills, which can always use more practice!

ADAGIO A2 REVIEW AND CONVERSATION: Futuro semplice; Pronomi indiretti; Verbo piacere e verbi come piacere; Imperfetto; Differenza passato prossimo e imperfetto.

ONLINE: 6, 90-minute lessons – $300

Tuesday6-7:30PMJuly 18 – August 22
Thursday10:30AM-12PMJuly 20 – August 24
Thursday6-7:30PMJuly 20 – August 24
Friday2-3:30PMJuly 21 – August 25


IN-PERSON: 6, 2-hour lessons – $350

Monday10AM-12PMJuly 17 – August 21
Wednesday10AM-12PMJuly 19 – August 23
Thursday11:30AM-1:30PMJuly 20 – August 24
Friday6-8PMJuly 21 – August 25
Saturday10AM-12PMJuly 22 – August 26

Groups meet once a week and the material is included. Group courses require a minimum of 4 students and have a maximum of 8.

Inquire about ongoing classes and trials. Fees are prorated for mid-session registrations.

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