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Storia della bambina perduta

The World of Elena Ferrante: Storia della bambina perduta

Con Argia Coppola

Fridays, 6-8pm EST
10, 2-hour lessons
In-Person Course
Taught in Italian
Levels: B2-C2
March 24 – May 26

This fourth book of the Neapolitan Novels explores the concept of motherhood alongside the central theme of friendship. Elena and Lila are no longer the little girls from before – they are now mothers. “To conceive, to change shape, to feel inhabited by something increasingly alive that makes you fell ill and gives you a sense of well-being is both thrilling and threatening […] In the end, you have to separate yourself from your books. But you never really cut the umbilical cord. Children always remain an inescapable knot of love, of terrors, of satisfactions and anxiety”. This story opens new doors for Elena and Lila, but it also closes others as they say farewell to each other and to the readers.

This course is the continuation of our previous World of Ferrante courses. This is the fourth-iteration.
This course will focus on Ferrante’s fourth book of the Neapolitan Novels, Storia della bambina perduta.

*Please note: This course is for students have read the first three books AND/OR have seen the HBO series.Learning through the creative writing approach.An important part of the course is understanding the language through creative writing processes: how the characters and the story are built, the musicality of the language, and much more. The goal is to improve the knowledge of Italian through writing.