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The History of Art Narrated through Timeless Masterpieces – IN-PERSON

Con Eveline Baseggio


Saturday 2-3pm EST
4, 1-hour lessons, in Italian
Levels: B2-C2
January 28th – February 18th

What defines a work of art as a timeless masterpiece? Is it the artist who made it, the craftmanship, the fact that it became an icon or a point of reference for generations to come? In this class, we will analyze some exemplary works of art and situate them within their original context, while also exploring the reasons why they still speak to us and we feel compelled to see them.

The IN-PERSON course will privilege works of art that are visible at The Met. This new course format will involve two, in-person lessons at our center as well as two, in-person lessons at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!
*Course fees include Group Admission to The Met.

January 28th at Collina Italiana
February 4th at The Met
February 11th at Collina Italiana
February 18th at The Met