Fridays, 6-8pm EST
In Italian – In-person – 120 min classes
Levels: B1-C1 
February 11 – April 8


This course will be about the first book of the tetralogy. Stemming from the vision of each episode of the HBO adaptation, My Brilliant Friend, this course will consist of the reading and comprehension of selected parts of the first book, along with exercises of creative writing and listening. Learning through the creative writing approach. An important part of the course is understanding the language through creative writing processes: how the characters and the story are built, the musicality of the language, and much more. The goal is to improve the knowledge of Italian through writing.

Please note: At this time, this course is scheduled as an in-person course. Please contact us if you are interested, but can only participate online. Depending on registration and interest, this course may instead switch to an online format.