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La musica della lingua italiana

La musica della lingua italiana: Learn Italian through Music

Con Rossana Copler

Wednesdays, 2-3:30 EST,
6-90min lessons,

Online course,
in Italian & English

Levels: B1-B2  
January 11 – February 15

Music is one of the greatest tools for learning Italian and this course aims to show you how! Discover how sound and lyrics can work in unison to open the world of such a musical language. While enjoying the music on its own, it will also act as a fun and helpful instrument taking you on a journey to places real and emotional.

Hearing and translating the repetitive refrains will assist in learning and retaining new words and expressions. This class will offer 6 lessons tailored specifically to the needs of intermediate/advanced students and music lovers.
Let’s learn together as we allow Italian melodies to lift our hearts and minds through lyrical travels!