Culture: Travel Planning Workshop

Culture: Travel Planning Workshop (In-Person)

Con Elisabetta Girardi

Friday, May 17th (In-Person)


In English and Italian – Levels: A1/C2

How to organize your next trip to Italy and experience it like the locals!

⁠This seminar, held by Elisabetta (who’s also a travel blogger), will teach you how to visit lesser known places and avoid the crowds to immerse yourself into Italian culture.

Among the many things, you will learn:

-How to explore hidden places and regions of Italy that are equally as beautiful as Cinque Terre or Amalfi, but not as packed, such as Sicily;
-How to enjoy food and arts without falling victim to tourist traps;
-How to hike in the many beautiful parks on the Alps or to sail along the coast and islands;
-How to find accommodation in “agriturismi” (private farms or villas that often offer other activities) or “rifugi”, instead of hotels;
-Practical info on how to book trains, ferries, buses;
-Survival vocabulary for travelers, depending on the region!



Flexible, weekly camp
Minimum: 2 days/week
June 10th – August 23rd
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