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Italian Conversation Courses

Italian Conversation Courses

Conversation Courses: Beginner to Advanced

Our 10-week Conversation Classes will help you master vocabulary and make new friends!
Classes are in-person and online. Please find schedule and info below.

Every class will have a different theme. The teacher will guide and facilitate the conversation among the students.

  • Adagio A1+ / A2
  • Allegro B1+ / B1++
  • Vivace B2+ / B2++

Online courses are 10, 90-min classes.
In-person courses are 10, 2-hour classes.


Level A1+/A2           Thursdays         10:30-12pm            Dec 8 – Feb 16

Level B1+/B1++       Fridays              3:30-5pm                Dec 2 – Feb 10

Level B2+ / B2++      Wednesdays     11-12:30pm             Dec 7 – Feb 15


Level A1+/A2              Fridays              6-8pm             Dec 2 – Feb 10

Level B1+/B1++        Wednesdays     11-1pm             Dec 7 – Feb 15

Level B2+ / B2++        Fridays            2-4pm             Dec 2 – Feb 10

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