Italian Book Club: La ragazza al pianoforte

Italian Book Club: La ragazza al pianoforte

With the Author Rossana Copler

Fridays, 6-7pm (online)

January 26th – March 29th (No class Feb 2 and Mar 1) 

8, 1h classes

In English and Italian – Levels: B1/B2

If you are learning Italian and enjoy a good book, join this Book Club where you will read La ragazza al pianoforte, a bilingual (Italian on one side and English on the other) graded reader for intermediate and advanced learners. With its exciting twists and turns, and relatable characters, The girl at the piano will keep you wanting more.

La ragazza al pianoforte tells the story of Vera, a strong woman determined to explore the very depths of her being. She is not afraid to face her subconscious nor to unravel and understand her dreams, but she can be reckless, especially with regard to men. On the other hand, Lara, her best friend, is hopelessly caught in a seemingly rock-solid, teenage-style love affair with Diego, a married man. She has chosen to drown out that wise, inner voice that speaks and guides her through dreams and in doing so, has abandoned her two greatest passions, music and dance.

Feeling empty and sad, Lara also faces the reality of having a friend who has a completely different way of life; different in ways that she can neither define nor comprehend. Slowly, Lara emerges from the lethargy into which she had taken refuge and begins to rediscover music. Her dreams become meaningful, and true to their well-known reputation, quite prophetic. In the end, nothing can stop the flow of positive energy that seems to sweep her up as she rides the powerful wave to her newly discovered happiness.

**The book is not included but it is available for purchase on Amazon here. We can order it for you if necessary or preferred.


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Minimum: 2 days/week
June 10th – August 23rd
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