Italian Book Club: Melodie di un segreto

Italian Book Club: Melodie di un segreto

Book club with the Author – Rossana Copler

Saturdays, 11-12pm (online)

January 27th – March 16th

8, 1h classes

In Italian – Levels: B2/C2

From the discovery of a mysterious photograph, Sara tries to understand the melodies of a secret hidden in the past of Veronica Nelli, her mother, a famous singer. The shadow of something she doesn’t know, but which she feels inside her heart and in the songs her mother writes, is the obsession that haunts the young and beautiful painter. A strong feeling drives her to investigate love, its nuances and the connection with the music which she breathes every day. Sara walks a bumpy path, marked by pain, illusions and dreams until she comes face to face with the truth.

*The book is not included but it is available for purchase on Amazon.