Italian Book Club – Il sistema periodico

Italian Book Club: Il sistema Periodico

Con Diletta Torlasco

Mondays, 10-11:30am (online)

September 11th – November 20th

10, 90min classes

In Italian – Levels: B2/C2

*The book is not included but we can order it for you if preferred. Please send us an email.

The stories are autobiographical episodes based on the author’s experiences as a Jewish-Italian doctoral-level chemist under the Fascist regime in Italy and afterwards. They include various themes that follow a chronological sequence: his ancestry; his study of chemistry and practising the profession in wartime Italy; a pair of imaginative tales he wrote at that time, and his subsequent experiences as an anti-Fascist partisan; his arrest and imprisonment, interrogation, and internment in the Fossoli di Carpi and Auschwitz camps; and postwar life as an industrial chemist. Each of the twenty-one stories in the book bears the name of a chemical element as its title and has a connection to the element in some way. (Wikipedia)


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