FRAMED! con Eveline e Frida – Trucco e Parrucco

FRAMED! con Eveline e Frida (in-person and online)

Frida & Eveline Baseggio

Sunday, March 3rd – 3-4pm

In English and Italian – Levels: B1/C2

Trucco e parrucco

From the eccentric lavish lifestyle of European courts to modern day red carpets, humans have enjoyed transforming themselves through make-up and hair. Was this just a fashion trend, a trick to make oneself unrecognizable, or a subtle way to attract attention and become more visible? Our investigation will focus on the complex issues that lie behind what seems to be simply a vanity affair, diving into the birth and rise of the most discussed features of the entertainment world, exploring what impact they had on Baroque art, how they trickled into the present, and whether these means of transformation have become today friend or foe.


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