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L’arte delle corti rinascimentali

L’arte delle corti rinascimentali

Con Eveline Baseggio

Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm EST,
5-1hour lessons
Online course,
in Italian

Levels: B2-C2
November 14 – December 19 (No class December 12)

Splendor, magnificence, and erudition are the key words that help us define the artistic fervor in sixteenth century Italian courts. The Este in Ferrara, the Gonzaga in Mantua, the Montefeltro in Urbino, the Medici in Florence, and the Pope in Rome continued to build on their political influence through family alliances and cultural promotion. Thus, they became the promoters of that sophisticated artistic language known as High Renaissance. In competition with one another, these ambitious patrons sought to employ the finest artists available contributing to the creation of some of the most remarkable works of art ever existed. We will examine together the masterpieces that artists such Titian, to Raphael, Giulio Romano, and Bronzino – just to name a few – created to satisfy the needs and ambition of their powerful patrons.