Special: Italian Certification – Level B1

Special: Italian Certification – Level B1

Saturday, January 27th – 1-2:30pm (in-person)
In English and Italian – Levels: A1/B1

Planning on taking the CELI exam, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

The CELI exam is an official Italian language certification that is used for academic, legal, and professional purposes, but most importantly, is required to obtain Italian citizenship through marriage.
During this event, we will talk about all things CELI! We’ll explain what the test is for, how to prepare for it, and what to expect on test day. From prep courses and books to the exam format and structure, we will make sure you have everything covered in order to be ready for the CELI!

CELI EXAM: https://collinaitaliana.com/italian-certification