Art: The legacy of ancient Myths (in-person)

Art: The legacy of ancient Myths (in-person)

Con Eveline Baseggio

Saturdays, 2-3pm (in-person)

January 27th – April 6th

Classes every other week

6, 1h classes

In Italian – Levels: B2/C2

Ancient mythology has proven to be truly immortal. The stories of ancient gods and goddesses, of semi-divine creatures and heroes, have deeply nurtured the creative minds of Renaissance artists and have never stopped to inspire art throughout the centuries, from paintings and sculptures, to comics, movies, and books. This class aims to explore the origins of ancient myths, while also addressing their relevance to our society today. We will analyze and compare works of art from antiquity and the Renaissance with modern works, and alternate in-class lectures with visits to NYC museums …

Two visits at the museum will be paid separately, if interested.