Adult Group Class – Vivace B2

Warning: it’s about to get lively! In this class, students will cover the various forms of the verb tenses that are commonly used in spoken and written Italian, at a near-native level. You will master complex idiomatic sentences with subjunctive and passive tenses. This level will get you started on your way to applying to an Italian college.

GRAMMAR: Congiuntivo imperfetto e trapassato; Congiunzioni (avanzato); Forma passiva; Modi indefiniti.

FALL SESSION 2023:  September 9th – November 20th

FALL/WINTER SESSION 2023: November 27th – February 19th

ONLINE: 10, 2-hour classes – $515

Monday2pm – 4pmNov 27 – Feb 19
Saturday12pm – 2pmSept 9 – Nov 18

IN-PERSON: 10, 2-hour classes – $515

Tuesday2pm – 4pmNov 28 – Feb 6
Thursday6pm – 8pmSep 14 – Nov 16

Groups meet once a week and the material is included. Group courses require a minimum of 4 students and have a maximum of 10.

THIS SCHEDULE DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU? Inquire about ongoing classes, new classes and trials. Fees are prorated for mid-session registrations.

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