Adult Group Class – Adagio A2

This class focuses on what’s ahead: the future—and by that, we mean the future tense! Here, you’ll hone in on this new tense as well as some new vocabulary and engage in extended conversations. Here, the basic grammar rules will be reinforced as well as how to use new tenses. Want more? Videos and songs are also incorporated as fun learning tools!

GRAMMAR: Futuro semplice; Pronomi indiretti; Verbo piacere e verbi come piacere; Imperfetto; Differenza passato prossimo e imperfetto.

FALL SESSION 2023:  September 9th – November 20th

FALL/WINTER SESSION 2023: November 27th – February 19th

ONLINE: 10, 2-hour classes – $515

Thursday6pm – 8pmSept 14 – Nov 16
Friday11am – 1pmSept 15 – Nov 17

IN-PERSON: 10, 2-hour classes – $515

Tuesday11am – 1pmSept 12- Nov 14
Friday6pm – 8pmSept 15 – Nov 17
Saturday12pm – 2pmSept 9 – Nov 18

Groups meet once a week and the material is included. Group courses require a minimum of 4 students and have a maximum of 10.

THIS SCHEDULE DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU? Inquire about ongoing classes, new classes and trials. Fees are prorated for mid-session registrations.

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