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Articles, games, curiosities, and lessons to learn all about the Italian culture and language.

Do you love Italian and want to practice it everyday? Do you want to become a true Italian?

Read our unique Collina Italiana Blog and our new Giornalino, Le Ultime dallo Stivale, where you will find news, curiosities, games, and grammar tips every few weeks. Keep learning while exploring Italian traditions, products, language, history and so much more. Stay updated on interesting facts and events happening in Italy all year long!

Watch our videos on YT and read our posts of the beloved series, Cosa Dici?!, where you will discover the origin of the most famous Italian American terms and expressions. Read and watch Luna explain all about dialects and the linguistic history of Italian. You can also learn and practice new vocabulary with our short and themed grammar clips. 

Collina Italiana offers a variety of tools to enjoy the Bella Lingua every day! Follow us on social media for vocabulary posts, language tips, and more.

Italian Quiz

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Le Ultime dallo Stivale

Notizie, curiosità, giochi e molto altro per restare sempre connessi con l’Italia e l’italiano! UN ANNO DI ARTICOLI E GIOCHI INSIEME …

Cosa Dici?!

Have you ever thought about the origin of those famous Italian American words? We did. That’s why we created our content series …

Ascolta l'arte e mettila da parte

Un podcast di Collina Italiana, ideato e scritto da Eveline Baseggio, con lo scopo di portare l’arte più vicino alla vita di tutti i giorni!

Collina Italiana - YT

Watch our videos and start speaking like an italian! Improve your vocabulary and grammar with short lessons. 

The Collina Italiana Blog

Fun tidbits and interesting stories about all things Italian including language, history, culture, and cuisine!

The Italian Tool-Kit

Idioms, new words, special expressions, proverbs and so much more … to become an authentic Italian Pro!

Italian Vocabulary

Learn Italian with our special Vocabulary Cards! Join our classes to receive them all. You will receive a different Grammar and Vocabulary Booklet at the beginning of each level!

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