Italian Culture And Italian Language Go Hand In Hand

Integrating our beautiful culture with our language is what makes Collina Italiana a one-of-a-kind Italian learning experience 

Culture at Collina Italiana

When we first opened in 2007, we had a clear vision for Collina Italiana and how it would fit into the landscape of Italian schools around the U.S and the world. We wanted to deliver a unique learning experience by blending one of the most beautiful languages in the world with its heritage.

Building up a this unique kind of Italian school meant committing to our roots and culture to demonstrate for our students what Italy truly is, what it’s like to be Italian and everything our culture has to offer. Our goal is for our students to be in love with Italy, and the idea of Italy, as much as we are.

That’s why we offer a variety of classes that range from Italian cooking to wine tasting, from literature and art, to music and cinema. So, if you’re ready to discover Italian culture while learning our musical language, then you’re ready to enroll!

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we are not offering in-person cultural classes at this time, but stay tuned as we are planning a series of online events you won’t want to miss.