Italian Culture And Italian Language Go Hand In Hand

Integrating our beautiful culture with our language is what makes Collina Italiana a one-of-a-kind Italian learning experience 

Culture at Collina Italiana

When we first opened in 2007, we had a clear vision for Collina Italiana and how it would fit into the landscape of Italian schools around the U.S and the world. We wanted to deliver a unique learning experience by blending one of the most beautiful languages in the world with its heritage.

Building up a this unique kind of Italian school meant committing to our roots and culture to demonstrate for our students what Italy truly is, what it’s like to be Italian and everything our culture has to offer. Our goal is for our students to be in love with Italy, and the idea of Italy, as much as we are.

Our new webinar series will give you a taste of the rich culture of Italy: music, art, cuisine, and so much more.
In collaboration with native Italian experts, these events, in English and Italian, will showcase the traditional and popular aspects of Italian culture, as well as feature new perspectives with a modern twist.

Serate virtuali a Collina: scopriamo la cultura italiana!

ART: The Medici Family

Friday, October 8, 6-7pm EST (in Italian, via Zoom and In-person)

Art as Propaganda 

Only very few families in Italy can claim such close ties to a city as the Medici Family does with Florence. Despite a few episodes of exile, this family ruled the Tuscan city from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century. The rise of Florence as the cradle of the Renaissance and a cultural capital coincided with the rise of the Medici’s ambition and power. 

The exhibition now on view at the Metropolitan Museum gives us the exceptional opportunity to pear inside one of the most important moments in the Medici Family’s history …