Italian Culture And Italian Language Go Hand In Hand

Integrating our beautiful culture with our language is what makes Collina Italiana a one-of-a-kind Italian learning experience 

Culture at Collina Italiana

When we first opened in 2007, we had a clear vision for Collina Italiana and how it would fit into the landscape of Italian schools around the U.S and the world. We wanted to deliver a unique learning experience by blending one of the most beautiful languages in the world with its heritage.

Building up a this unique kind of Italian school meant committing to our roots and culture to demonstrate for our students what Italy truly is, what it’s like to be Italian and everything our culture has to offer. Our goal is for our students to be in love with Italy, and the idea of Italy, as much as we are.

Our series will give you a taste of the rich culture of Italy: music, art, cuisine, and so much more.
In collaboration with native Italian experts, these events, in English and Italian, will showcase the traditional and popular aspects of Italian culture, as well as feature new perspectives with a modern twist.

Scopriamo la cultura italiana insieme!


La fonetica italiana 

Con Sara Fedi


In English and Italian, Levels: A1/C2

DO you have trouble pronouncing ‘gn’ and ‘gl’ too? Do you need some help and practice to pronounce those difficult syllables in Italian? Sara is happy to help you! Sara is an Italian speech therapist and an Italian teacher.  Practicing sounds and pronunciation with Sara is fun and educational.  Participants will start from practicing single letters, to move then to syllables and small words, following speech rules and repetition. The class will include small readings, tongue twisters and very fun and useful exercises to become a pro!

Special Italian Tour – CIMA 

Center for Italian Modern Art

421 Broome St, New York
Friday, May 19th at 6pm
In Italian
RSVP by May 9th
Private Italian Tour – “The exhibition examines the cross-pollination between avant-garde art and commercial posters in Italy, with a particular focus on the interwar years and the early post-World War II era, during the country’s economic boom. The exhibition will include some 30 posters from major Italian institutions and corporate collections, as well as a few, select private collections in the United States. Among the artists featured: Erberto Carboni, Fortunato Depero, Nikolai Diulgheroff, Lucio Fontana, Max Huber, Bruno Munari, Marcello Nizzoli, Bob Noorda, Giovanni Pintori, Xanti Schawinsky, Mario Sironi, Albe Steiner. The works of these individuals illustrated the products of companies that made the history of the Italian economy, such as Barilla, Campari, Olivetti, Fiat, Pirelli.”


L’amore e l’italiano 

Con Rossana Copler

Saturday, May 13th and May 20th
Levels A2-B2

How do you say “I love you” in Italian? Do you have an Italian partner and would like to pleasantly surprise them with Italian love phrases? Or are you planning on finding love during your next trip to the boot-shaped peninsula? 

It is said that LOVE is a universal language that makes speech unnecessary for two strangers to understand each other. Yet, sometimes, putting the correct words to your feelings can be very helpful, most of all when those feelings are romantic. Chances are that if you’re interested in learning Italian, you have a certain fondness for romanticism. Italian is a rich language, but even more so when it comes to expressing love … 


Italian Book Club: ACCABADORA 

con Diletta Torlasco

Mondays, 10-11:30am
8, 90min lessons
Online Course
Levels: B2-C2
May 8 – June 26

Premio Campiello 2010. Perché Maria sia finita a vivere in casa di Bonaria Urrai, è un mistero che a Soreni si fa fatica a comprendere. La vecchia e la bambina camminano per le strade del paese seguite da uno strascico di commenti malevoli, eppure è così semplice: Tzia Bonaria ha preso Maria con sé, la farà crescere e ne farà la sua erede, chiedendole in cambio la presenza e la cura per quando sarà lei ad averne bisogno. Quarta figlia femmina di madre vedova, Maria è abituata a pensarsi, lei per prima, come “l’ultima”. Per questo non finiscono di sorprenderla il rispetto e le attenzioni della vecchia sarta del paese, che le ha offerto una casa e un futuro …


Storia della bambina perduta

The World of Elena Ferrante, con Argia Coppola
Fridays, 6-8pm
10, 2-hour lessons
In-person Course
Levels: B1-C2
March 24 – May 26

This fourth book of the Neapolitan Novels explores the concept of motherhood alongside the central theme of friendship. Elena and Lila are no longer the little girls from before – they are now mothers. “To conceive, to change shape, to feel inhabited by something increasingly alive that makes you fell ill and gives you a sense of well-being is both thrilling and threatening […] In the end, you have to separate yourself from your books. But you never really cut the umbilical cord. Children always remain an inescapable knot of love, of terrors, of satisfactions and anxiety”. 

This story opens new doors for Elena and Lila, but it also closes others as they say farewell to each other and to the readers.


Learn Italian through Music

Con Rossana Copler

Wine Tasting

Con Stacy Grab

Learning Through Timeless Masterpieces

Con Eveline Baseggio

Collina Italiana’s first trip abroad: VENEZIA IMPRENDITRICE

Con Eveline Baseggio

The History of Art Narrated through Timeless Masterpieces – ONLINE

Con Eveline Baseggio

L’arte delle corti rinascimentali

Con Eveline Baseggio


Con Diletta Torlasco

Specialty Bookclub: La Nota Assoluta

Con Rossana Copler

Specialty Bookclub: Aqua 

Con Rossana Copler

FRAMED! Everybody Loves Lisa!

Con Eveline e Frida

FRAMED!: Crazy Creative?!

Con Eveline e Frida