Italian Culture And Italian Language Go Hand In Hand

Integrating our beautiful culture with our language is what makes Collina Italiana a one-of-a-kind Italian learning experience 

Culture at Collina Italiana

When we first opened in 2007, we had a clear vision for Collina Italiana and how it would fit into the landscape of Italian schools around the U.S and the world. We wanted to deliver a unique learning experience by blending one of the most beautiful languages in the world with its heritage.

Building up a this unique kind of Italian school meant committing to our roots and culture to demonstrate for our students what Italy truly is, what it’s like to be Italian and everything our culture has to offer. Our goal is for our students to be in love with Italy, and the idea of Italy, as much as we are.

Our new webinar series will give you a taste of the rich culture of Italy: music, art, cuisine, and so much more.
In collaboration with native Italian experts, these events, in English and Italian, will showcase the traditional and popular aspects of Italian culture, as well as feature new perspectives with a modern twist.

Scopriamo la cultura italiana insieme!

New Specialty Class!

Fridays, 6-8pm EST
In Italian – In-person – 120 min classes
Levels: B1-C1 
New start date: February 11, February 18, February 25, March 4, March 11, March 18, March 25, April 1, April 8


This course will be about the first book of the tetralogy. Stemming from the vision of each episode of the HBO adaptation, My Brilliant Friend, the course will consist of the reading and comprehension of selected parts of the first book, along with exercises of creative writing and listening. Learning through the creative writing approach. An important part of the course is understanding the language through creative writing processes: how the characters and the story are built, the musicality of the language, and much more. The goal is to improve the knowledge of Italian through writing.


ARTE E ITALIANO – 5 classes

Thursdays, 6-7:30pm EST
In Italian – Online – 90min classes
Levels: B2-C1 
January 27, February 3, February 10, February 17, February 24

Early Renaissance in Florence 
Are you in love with Renaissance art? Are you interested in learning Italian? Have you thought of combining the two things? This course aims at teaching you the marvels of Italian Renaissance art using our Bella Lingua. We will examine together some of the most famous early Renaissance masterpieces in the fields of painting, sculpture, and architecture and learn about the ideals that inspired them. Our focus will be on fifteenth century Florence and on five artists who changed forever the physiognomy of their city: the architect Filippo Brunelleschi, the sculptors Donatello and Lorenzo Ghiberti, and the painters Masaccio and Fra Angelico.


When Marble Becomes Flesh:
Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Friday, December 10, 6-7pm EST
In Italian – Online & In-Person

The first impression anyone has when looking at Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculptures is that his marble creations look like real flesh; they seem to come to life and invite the viewer to the touch. This strong illusionism was an essential component of the artistic language – known as the Baroque – that flourished in Rome in the seventeenth century and invested all forms of art, however Bernini pushed its boundaries like no one before him. By analyzing some of the most outstanding works that he created throughout his long and successful career, this lecture will shed light on what artistic ideals motivated Bernini’s achievements and transformed his art into this lasting superb incarnation of the Baroque.

Caravaggio & Carracci

Friday, November 19, 6-7pm EST
In Italian – Online & In-person

Annibale Carracci and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, two artists whose personality and artistic language could not be more different. However, their destinies often intertwined. They both came to Rome at the same time – toward the end of the sixteenth century – and once there they stirred an artistic revolution with their sensational works. They also died a few years apart in tragic circumstances. This talk will examine some of their most remarkable commissions, setting a comparison between their opposite yet somehow akin outcomes. Carracci’s and Caravaggio’s production is a reflection of the multifaceted and contradictory style which developed in the seventeenth century and was later labeled as Baroque.

A Pilgrimage to Venice:

The City with No Saints

Friday, October 29, 6-7pm EST
In Italian – Online & In-person

Today Venice is renowned for its charming palaces and views, the hundreds of gondolas gliding through the narrow canals, and the glassware and lacework shops popping up almost everywhere. What about its spirituality? It is difficult to imagine that the city was once considered one of the most spiritual places in the whole Christendom. Yet, there was a moment in the Renaissance when Venice – at the apogee of its history – became a pilgrimage site, comparable to Jerusalem in prestige and second only to Rome for its number of precious relics. The goal of this talk is to shed light on this semi-forgotten image of Venice by showing how the Venetians consciously built their religious identity and how the pilgrims contributed to nurture it through their travel diaries.