Specialty Events at Collina Italiana

 These events will give you a taste of the rich culture of Italy: music, art, cuisine, and so much more.


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Language: Fonetica (online)

Sara Fedi

Saturday, March 2nd – 1-2:30pm (online)

In English and Italian – Levels: A1/C2

Do you have trouble pronouncing ‘gn’ and ‘gl’ too? Do you need some help and practice to pronounce those difficult syllables in Italian or double consonants?

Sara is happy to help you! Sara is an Italian speech therapist and an Italian teacher.  Practicing sounds and pronunciation with Sara is fun and educational.  Participants will start from practicing single letters, to move then to syllables and small words, following speech rules and repetition. The class will include small readings, tongue twisters and very fun and useful exercises to become a pro!

Framed! con Eveline e Frida (in-person & online)

Frida & Eveline Baseggio

Sunday, March 10th – 3-4pm

In English and Italian – Levels: B1/C2

The Last Supper: Tales of History And Fashion.

A costume design venture inspired by the latest venture of M.P. King and S.J. Parker quickly turns into a dive into one of da Vinci’s most debated mural paintings.
Focusing on what makes what’s ancient so modern, we analyze the complex reality of a heated symposium, and the reasons why it is so appealing for artists to portray and for audiences to scrutinize.

Language: La storia della lingua italiana (online)

Luna Splendori

Saturday, March 16th – 1-2pm (online)

In English and Italian

Open to all levels!

Did you know that Italy has a national language (Standard Italian) along with regional languages, which we call dialects?
Have you ever thought about the origin of Standard Italian and its relationship to the dialects? Take a trip through the linguistic history of Italy and learn about how the national language came to be! This event will focus on the story of the dialects of Italy, the national language of Italy, and why it is that there are so many Southern Italian dialects spoken in the United States today.