Specialty Courses at Collina Italiana

Our series of specialty courses will give you a taste of the rich culture of Italy: music, art, cuisine, and so much more.


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Art: The legacy of ancient Myths (in-person)

Eveline Baseggio

Saturdays, 2-3pm (in-person)

September 23rd – October 28th

6, 1h classes (plus two visits at the museum to pay separately)

In Italian – Levels: B2/C2

Ancient mythology has proven to be truly immortal. The stories of ancient gods and goddesses, of semi-divine creatures and heroes, have deeply nurtured the creative minds of Renaissance artists and have never stopped to inspire art throughout the centuries, from paintings and sculptures, to comics, movies, and books. This class aims to explore the origins of ancient myths, while also addressing their relevance to our society today. We will analyze and compare works of art from antiquity and the Renaissance with modern works, and alternate in-class lectures with visits to NYC museums …

Art: Women in power (online)

Eveline Baseggio

Wednesdays, 1-2pm (online)

September 27th – November 1st 

6, 1h classes

In Italian – Levels: B2/C2

Despite the restrictions imposed by their patriarchal society, women gained more visibility in the Renaissance. Some of them even managed to gained the same fame and power as their male counterparts. This talk examines some examples of “extraordinary” women that distinguished themselves in their roles as intellectuals and artists, rulers and patrons, lovers and companions. Is there a pattern that brings them together? Were their stories a point of reference for other women? In this class we will learn about their lives and their deeds, and how they left a mark in history.

Music: La musica italiana (online)

Rossana Copler

Fridays, 6-7pm (online)

September 29th – November 3rd 

6, 1h classes

In English and Italian – Levels: A1/B1

Music is one of the greatest tools for learning Italian and this course aims to show you how! Discover how sound and lyrics can work in unison to open the world of such a musical language. While enjoying the music on its own, it will also act as a fun and helpful instrument taking you on a journey to places real and emotional. Hearing and translating the repetitive refrains will assist in learning and retaining new words and expressions. This class will offer 6 lessons tailored specifically to the needs of intermediate/advanced students and music lovers.

Literature: Aqua (online)

Book club with the Author – Rossana Copler

Fridays, 7-8pm (online)

September 29th – November 17th 

8, 1h classes

In English and Italian – Levels: B1/B2

During this course, students will navigate the story of Aqua alongside its author, analyzing the novel chapter by chapter. Students will have the opportunity to experience the adventure alongside the author’s own analysis in relation to their own reading. Each lesson will dive deeper into the lives and emotions of the characters, giving students a true understanding of the story and priceless insight into its inspiration and meaning.

This bilingual graded reader (in Italian with an English translation on the facing page) will help intermediate and advanced learners improve their understanding at a leisurely pace, uninterrupted by constant dictionary searches.

Literature: Melodie di un segreto (online)

Book club with the Author – Rossana Copler

Saturdays, 11-12pm (online)

September 30th – November 18th

8, 1h classes

In Italian – Levels: B2/C2

From the discovery of a mysterious photograph, Sara tries to understand the melodies of a secret hidden in the past of Veronica Nelli, her mother, a famous singer. The shadow of something she doesn’t know, but which she feels inside her heart and in the songs her mother writes, is the obsession that haunts the young and beautiful painter. A strong feeling drives her to investigate love, its nuances and the connection with the music which she breathes every day. Sara walks a bumpy path, marked by pain, illusions and dreams until she comes face to face with the truth.

Literature: Il Sistema Periodico, di Primo Levi (SOLD OUT)

Diletta Torlasco

Mondays, 10-11:30am (online)

September 11th – November 20th

10, 90min classes

In Italian – Levels: B2/C2

The stories are autobiographical episodes based on the author’s experiences as a Jewish-Italian doctoral-level chemist under the Fascist regime in Italy and afterwards. They include various themes that follow a chronological sequence: his ancestry; his study of chemistry and practising the profession in wartime Italy; a pair of imaginative tales he wrote at that time, and his subsequent experiences as an anti-Fascist partisan; his arrest and imprisonment, interrogation, and internment in the Fossoli di Carpi and Auschwitz camps; and postwar life as an industrial chemist. Each of the twenty-one stories in the book bears the name of a chemical element as its title and has a connection to the element in some way. (Wikipedia)