In Our Group Adult Classes We Learn Together

Italian is even better with molte voci—many voices!

Group Adult Classes

Learning Is Fun With Friends in Our Group Adult Classes

Our group adult classes have long been a favorite offering because they give our students a true sense of community, whether online or in person. Learning a language together in a small group is a unique shared experience that always leaves our students with a special bond. In group adult classes, you’ll get to interact and converse with your fellow classmates. For many, it’s been the start of a life-long friendship! 

We offer a variety of different levels, ranging from 1-10, to match you with the perfect class for your skill level. Each level consists of 10 2-hour classes. 

Not sure what level you are? See below to see where you fit, but if you’re still not sure, we offer first-time students a $40 “no strings attached” trial class. Contact us at: to get your trial class, or take this quick quiz and we’ll give you our recommendation.

Adagio (A1)

Prego! Mangia! Spaghetti!
In our beginning Adagio class, you’ll learn and explore the basics of Italian knowledge—beyond what you’d find on a menu in your local trattoria! This course will give you a foundation of the language and the basic tools you need to successfully start conversing in Italiano.

Adagio (A1+)

For all those students ready to take their Italian to the next level, this level is for you. Here, you’ll expand your conversation and writing skills beyond the basics like focusing on understanding the past tense—soon you’ll be able to describe a trip you took to Ital, or maybe just what you had for lunch yesterday. The possibilities are endless!

Adagio (A2)

This class focuses on what’s ahead: the future—and by that, we mean the future tense! Here, you’ll hone in on this new tense as well as some new vocabulary and engage in extended conversations. Here, the basic grammar rules will be reinforced as well as how to use new tenses. Want more? Videos and songs are also incorporated as fun learning tools!

Allegro (B1)

Welcome to the Allegro level! Here, you’ll start putting together everything you’ve learned so far and begin mastering the use of present, past and future tenses together in a conversation. You’ll be able to grasp the breadth and depth of Italian grammar and apply it in different situations. You’ll also work with comparisons and the conditional tense, so you can talk about your desires and your opinions.

Allegro (B1+)

Ready to make your dream of fluidly conversing with native Italian speakers a reality? This class is dedicated to just that. You’ll also master the art of telling stories and being able to discuss a movie you’ve seen or an article you’ve read. Plus, you’ll study advanced grammar, like subjunctive tenses.

Allegro (B1++)

Get ready to express yourself! Here, you’ll study how to express what you’re feeling through complex idiomatic sentences combined with conditional and subjunctive tenses. Then, you’ll put it all into practice during in-class conversation and writing exercises.

Vivace (B2)​

Warning: it’s about to get lively! In this class, students will master the various forms of the verb tenses that are commonly used in spoken and written Italian, at a near-native level. Assignments in reading, writing, and oral presentations give students the tools to communicate in every given situation. This level will get you started on your way to applying to an Italian college.

Vivace (B2+)​

The liveliness continues here as students learn all hypothetical constructions, combining conditionals and subjunctive tenses; new pronouns; direct and indirect speech. Students will be able to produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and use critical thinking to easily express their personal opinions.

Vivace (B2++)

It’s time to get spontaneous! In this level, students can speak with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes for an easy, regular interaction with native speakers. Here, students will also show off their mastery of the language by their ability to write professional letters, work at Italian companies and even give public speeches. They’ll be able to use Italiano flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional occasions. 

Presto (C1/C2)

Benvenuti, nativo! Our Presto students are practically bilingual, native speakers. They can express themselves fluently and spontaneously without hesitation and can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects. Plus, they can read and understand materials intended for native Italian speakers like local newspapers, books, movies and music. Here, we will keep the conversation going and continue to converse and practice using the language to keep skills sharp.