ELENA FERRANTE: 6-2-hour classes

Elena Ferrante – Fridays 6:30-8:30 pm – February 21st


Professor: Argia Coppola

Elena Ferrante is the acclaimed author of the tetralogy about the complex and captivating friendship between Lila and Elena, set in Naples over a period of Italy’s social history from the Fifties to the Nineties. It is not an exaggeration to compare Elena Ferrante with another great Italian woman author such as Elsa Morante, because in very different ways, both grapple with History—the personal, private History of everyday life, simple characters, and that of the country at large—revealing its gaps, its beauties and its passions. In these four books which constitute a “saga” à la Harry Potter, Elena Ferrante deals up close and in a controversial way with the questions of girlhood and womanhood through the vicissitudes of a strong friendship. She does this using a highly musical language which is accessible to everyone. The material, intelligent but also engaging, is thus perfectly suited for learning the Italian language and learning about Italian culture directly in the field. The characters and themes dealt with, and the grammatical structures used, offer an example of the intersection of literature, history and language at its best.  

The course will consist of the reading and comprehension of:

  • My Brilliant Friend (L’Amica Geniale), The Story of a New Name (Storia del Nuovo Cognome)

The course will involve the use of audiobooks for listening, worksheets with simple exercises geared toward vocabulary and writing, and exercises for comprehension and speaking.  

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