– Language Intensive Workshop – 2 weeks, 8-2-hour classes, $390 CONTENT: introduce yourself, present tense, everyday vocabulary Please click here to register online: Intensive Workshop. – Survival Kit – 4-90-minute classes, $290 CONTENT: vocabulary at the bar, restaurant, stores, airport, train station, hotel,

‘KIDS’ After-school program

GIROTONDO In Girotondo (“Circle”) an experienced instructor provides opportunities for kids to learn Italian through games and activities: vocabulary, games, songs, dances, story telling, and videos. Reading and writing for kids ages 5 and older. Participation in multiple arts and

‘ADULTS’: New Session 2020

Italian Classes – Grammar and Conversation: 10-2-hour classes  $480/ 20 hours (material included) Note: Language classes may be started mid-session or at other times not listed on the schedule. Please inquire (212) 427-7770 or email for more information. Click here to register online. Note:  CI offers only 1-hour

‘KIDS’: Workshops and Events for 3-7 & 7-10 yo

Italian workshops and events: Ages 3-7 & 7-10   JOIN IN THE FUN AND ENJOY LA BELLA LINGUA OF ITALY! Art&crafts, music, songs, dance, games, and a lot of FUN the Italian way!     Schedule: Saturdays, 3:30 – 5:00

‘KIDS’: Italian for toddlers

New, fun, and happy classes for kids 1-2 years old. Music, colors, arts&crafts, stories and much more! Parents and caregivers may stay in the class. Space is limited. Program will start on TBD 1-2-hour class: $55 5-2-hour classes: $250 NO

ELENA FERRANTE: 6-2-hour classes

Elena Ferrante – Fridays 6:30-8:30 pm – February 21st THE WORLD OF ELENA FERRANTE IN HER NEAPOLITAN SERIES Professor: Argia Coppola Elena Ferrante is the acclaimed author of the tetralogy about the complex and captivating friendship between Lila and Elena,

Italian Special Nights 2020

Italian events to meet new people passionate about the Bel Paese, discover Italian culture and speak the Bella Lingua of Italy! Events 2020 Friday – 6:00 pm Pizza Night – April 17th $55 Italian Gastronomy – May 15th $45 RSVP:

Italian Movie Nights at Collina Italiana!

ITALIAN MOVIE NIGHTS @ COLLINA ITALIANA Watch Italian movies while enjoying some wine and snacks. Italian cinema is mostly known for its Neo-Realism period which is embodied in the masterpieces by Vittorio De Sica and the brilliant films of Federico


GIVE THE GIFT OF ITALIAN! Bring Italy one step closer! A special gift for lovers of Italian language and culture! Click here and select the best option for your friends and family: group and private classes, intensive courses, packages of

‘ADULTS’ Summer Session 2019

Adults: SUMMER 2019 Grammar and Conversation: 10-2-hour classes  $480 8-2-hour classes    $390 6-2-hour classes    $290 Note: Language classes may be started mid-session or at other times not listed on the schedule.   Please inquire (212) 427-7770 or email for more information.

Collina Italiana