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Establish a successful international business through understanding cross-cultural behavior and communication styles.

Italian: Learn all aspects of Italian culture, language, and business relationships to successfully conduct business in Italy or with Italians in the US.

ENGLISH Program goals include:

  • Improving language skills for persuasive pitches and presentations
  • Increasing communication skills in specialized areas (designed for your specific business needs)
  • Zeroing in on subtleties and nuances in American pronunciation
  • Practicing “general” conversation for public and private life
  • Growing business intelligence
  • Becoming an insider


CI introduces on- and off-site language classes and online classes (by Webcam live): Executive ESL and International ESL

Executive ESL is for foreign business executives who want to communicate more effectively in English. Executive ESL classes are customized to meet the needs of individuals in one-on-one training and in small groups. Focusing on fine-tuning English language skills in speaking, pronunciation, and writing, Executive ESL encourages participants to continue building upon their language skills while becoming insiders in American culture.

International ESL is designed to meet the English language needs of members of the increasingly growing International community in New York. International ESL classes include one-on-one cross-cultural training and learning in small groups. Focusing on speaking, pronunciation, and writing, International ESL encourages business professionals and diverse members of the international community to practice and develop their English language skills while increasing their understanding of American society through its literature, the media, film, music, and art.

Program samples include: Breakfast or Lunchtime ESL

Allow CI to design an International language and culture program to fit your professional and business needs.

Please email or call 212.427.7770 for additional information on CI’s International Business Cross-Cultural Training, Executive ESL, International ESL, and for price quotes.

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