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Learning here feels like you’re learning inside of an authentic Italian home.

"Collina Italiana was created with a focus on the entire family. We have taken our time to evolve a curriculum that combines New York City's best native Italian speaking teachers with the authentic culture of Italy. We believe the Collina Italiana Method is an immersive approach that creates a learning environment which is both highly effective and more fun."

The Collina Italiana Philosophy

Would you ever cook a dish without tasting the ingredients first? Or try to learn the art of taking pictures before you were compelled by the beauty of an image? At Collina Italiana, we believe you must immerse yourself in the Italian culture in order to truly learn the language. That’s what we call the Collina Italiana Method.

We strongly believe that learning a language is not a mnemonic exercise but a full experience that includes the goal to create a passionate community, curious about the Italian language, sentiments, literature and way of living.

The Collina Italiana Method

Our approach to teaching is to encourage you to immerse yourself in authentic Italian habits to help understand the importance of Italian culture, while learning to speak like a local. You’ll constantly be exposed to traditions, culinary secrets, folklore and words.


Our teachers all have extensive Italian backgrounds. They live the language, as do all of our partners and people who present at our webinars, workshops and any Collina Italiana sponsored event.

Personalized Experience

We evaluate each student carefully, focusing on their language level and expectations for the school. We work together with you to create your plan to determine the best solution to achieve your goals.

Sense of Community

We attract a community of people who are passionate about Italy and its culture. This creates opportunities for networking, events and the chance to share experiences with like-minded individuals.


Play and sip in italiano - Collina Italiana

Saturday, June 15th
Indulge in aperitivo, and a fun Italian quiz!

Flexible, weekly camp
Minimum: 2 days/week
June 10th – August 23rd
Collina Italiana - italian classes for kids and adults - onlne and in-person
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Online and in-person classes for adults!
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