Nira D.

New York

I have always loved all things Italian. I really wanted to learn to speak,read and write Italian fluently- not just the Rosetta Stone kind of learning. I spent a lot of time researching various programs and schools. I finally settled on Collina Italiana. My teacher was Alessandra and she is the BEST. I spoke not one word of Italian besides ciao but in 2 years I was able to go to Italy completely on my own and communicate proficiently with the locals- many of them were surprised at how well I spoke grammatically. I would highly recommend Alessandra- she breaks down Italian in a way that is easy to understand and grasp. Like any language you do have to practice on your own and study but I can’t thank Alessandra enough for opening up a whole new world for me. Italy is even more amazing when you speak the language!!

Cynthia D.L.

Manhattan, NY

We have been coming to Collina Italiana for almost 10 years now. Patrizia and her instructors are the best at what they do. They are all native Italian and are trained as educators. There are an abundance of class offerings and private lessons to accommodate everyone. It is a wonderful place!!

Elizabeth S.

I studied Italian for three years with Alessandra at Collina Italiana in classes, semi-privately and also in private tutoring sessions. The classrooms are clean and comfortable with a number of helpful instructional tools including video projection and an array of reading materials. What I loved the most about the school, however, was Alessandra’s patience and dedication to her teaching. In three years I went from being able to say “hello” and “goodbye” to having hour long conversations with my non-English speaking Italian friends. Because of my unpredictable work schedule I was not often able to study in a class setting but the school was always flexible and willing to work with my lack of regularity during my semi-private and private study. Additionally, when I was able to enroll in a 10 week class, Alessandra and Collina Italiana were again understanding of the lack of predictability in life and provided me with one makeup session when I was obliged to miss class one week for work.
My only regret is that I can no longer afford the private study and am not able to enroll in a class currently; but if I were able, I would certainly continue my study at the school.

Katia S.

Stamford, CT

One of the best Italian schools in Manhattan! I have tried 3 and it is by far the best! Amazing friendly native teachers, personal approach to every student, small groups, great balance of listening, reading, speaking and grammar tasks in class. I have made progress within 6 months! If you want to learn Italian, please come to Collina Italiana!

Emily H.

Hackensack, NJ

I have studied with many different teachers of Italian throughout the past ten years, and can say without a doubt that Collina Italiana provides excellent language instruction and opportunities to attend cultural events*. The owner, Patrizia is a familiar and friendly face at the school. She welcomes students of all ages and walks of life. Patrizia is a very generous and enthusiastically encourages the promotion of the Italian language. Alessandra, Riccardo, and Raffaella (please excuse me if I forgot to mention anyone else) are the three amiable teachers that work there. I studied privately with Alessandra for 6 months. The private lessons were expensive for me ($75/hr) but I was willing to pay in order to get the best instruction. I was preparing to take my OPI in order to become an Italian high school teacher in NJ. Through careful guidance and instruction Alessandra coached me through the stressful process of improving my Italian. Alessandra is one of the best teachers I have ever had in my academic career. She genuinely cares about the progress of each student and works with them patiently. I passed my exam with a higher score than I thought I was capable of achieving. Alessandra is an inspiring teacher, any student would be lucky to have her.

This is an amazing school with talented teachers. The teachers use authentic materials straight from Italy and any student will excel in this positive learning environment.

* In addition to offering language & grammar lessons and conversation hours, Collina Italiana also holds cultural events such as movie nights and holiday parties. I was able to practice my Italian with other teachers and students at such events.

Lucia S.

Manhattan, NY

I have been taking private Italian lessons from Alessandra for three years. Alessandra is a native speaker, an excellent teacher – detailed and thorough in her instruction coupled with a lovely, positive manner – and overall, a delight to spend time with. Patrizia and Alessandra are enthusiastic proponents or representatives for Italian culture and language. They have created a setting that not only works or is inviting to new and beginner students of Italian but is also excellent for those who want to hone existing skills or dig deeper into the language. I highly recommend Collina to anyone interested in Italian language.

Louise T.

Manhattan, NY

My family has been participating in programs at Collina Italiana for almost 10 years. All of the classes, day camps and private tutoring offered have been first-rate. Patrizia, Alessandra and Raffaella are native speakers, excellent teachers and always very professional. My children attend a bilingual Italian school and have received a tremendous amount of enrichment from Collina Italiana. My husband recently said that my daughter was speaking more Italian after a few days of day camp here than she ever did before! Bravissimi!

Liz K.

New York, NY

Collina Italiana offers excellent classes for all age groups and levels. Our family has participated in many programs offered by Collina: the classes for children, summer camp, adult classes, CELI exam preparation, and private lessons. The educators at Collina have been exceptional; they are warm, professional, and experienced with working with students of all ages and levels. All of the teachers are native speakers, with backgrounds in linguistics and or teaching. The materials used in class, namely the books, written exercises, films, games for children, etc., come from primary sources (books, newspapers, magazines, film) or else textbooks from Italy. The approach emphasizes immersion and gaining proficiency, as well as cultural awareness. Finally, the cost for the classes is very reasonable considering the high quality of instruction.

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