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Get close to the Bella Lingua and Bella Vita of Italy … without leaving Manhattan!

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At Collina Italiana (CI), we offer a comprehensive learning experience for lovers of the Italian language and culture. Our unique on- and off-site programs provide a taste of the rich Italian vernacular, visual arts, cinema, cuisine, and much, much more.

Our offerings include: group and private lessons, tutoring services, specialty classes, and children’s programs. Registration for adult and children’s groups and individual classes is ongoing. All ages are welcome!

Director and founder, Patrizia Saglio, welcomes you to become a part of the friendly environment that is Collina Italiana! At CI you will not only learn colloquial Italian, but will also discover the country’s contemporary culture through the culinary arts, fine wine, film, lectures, conversation, outings, and many more exciting events.

Become a part of the Collina Italiana family!

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